anaMalz Polar Bear


Anamalz, are the cuddliest wood alive. Designed by Louise Causon-Scott and her partner Tim Scott in Australia, these little heartbreakers were first brought into the world in 2007. Today our anaMalz team is made up of a group of passionate, and incredibly creative people. More than 15 industry awards have been won including an Australian International design award. Our team is passionate about building the world of anaMalz. And most importantly, we are motivated by a greater cause to help make nature grow.

Through creating quirky yet timeless products of the highest standard, we want to give everyone a chance to give back to nature, and thatís why for every anaMalz that finds a home, a percentage is being donated for preserving nature forever.

To find out more about the history and creation of our little friends check out the anaMalz†FAQ page.

Just too cute. Soft fury neck, happy little face, ropey legs, little white fury ears. Polar Bear is all about cuteness. He has a moveable head and flexible rope legs. He stands at 6cm high and 11cm in length.