Gelato Tequila Sunrise Minkee



This lush minky is perfect for all sorts of baby related sewing. Its gorgeous soft pile makes great snuggly blankets, taggy toys and, of course, is perfect for use in the outer of Modern Cloth Nappies.

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of top quality minky designs in Australia, all available in a convenient 50cm x 50cm nappy cut size so you don't need to pay for unnecessary fabric.

We do not cut until an order is placed so, if you are requiring larger amounts for blankets etc, simply follow the following formula: As the minky is 150cm or 3 nappy cuts wide, 3 x 50cm will get you a piece 50cm long x 150cm wide or a standard half a metre in fabric terms. By the same token 6 cuts will get you a full metre, being 1m long x 150cm wide. Just multiply in lots of three for each half metre you wish to order.

In short, order 3 cuts for half  metre, 6 cuts for a full metre etc..

I do not cut fabric until it is ordered so any multiple cuts will come as one piece where possible...the only time it may come in separate pieces is when stocks are low indicating the end of the bolt.  I will always check with the customer first if this happens.

CUT SIZE: 50cm x 50cm